Coverage for weight loss medications is not widely available. Checking with your insurance company is so important to see if you are covered and understand the cost at hand. Our medicine comes with no membership fees, no contracts, and no hidden costs!

Employers decide on prescription benefits for their employees. Don’t be discouraged if your company’s plan doesn’t include medicines to treat obesity. You can submit a request for coverage with the help of your health care provider.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover medicines for obesity. There may be some select Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans for retirees that do offer coverage. If you have one of these plans, please check with its administrator.

You’ll need to contact your state’s Medicaid office to learn if it covers medicines for weight management and obesity because each state decides for itself what prescription drugs to cover through Medicaid.

The VA will cover obesity management. Head to your local Veterans Administration provider office to discuss the obesity medication options.

In certain situations, your plan provides coverage for this medication. Your health care provider may request a coverage review to help determine if coverage is available. Please contact your Military Treatment Facility or Tricare Network provider to discuss.

If you work with the city, state, or federal government, ask your benefits manager about coverage for obesity medications.

Check with your insurance company to learn if you are eligible for an upgrade or an add-on to your plan.

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